Cause and Effect Water Remedy Guide

Jamie Leo 12/8/2020

Yucky Water?

Does your customers water taste bad, leave spots, smell? 

Northeastern Supply can help!  We not only test water for free - giving you a complete water analysis, we have a list of remedies to help you help your customer get clean water. 


HARDNESS (calcium & magnesium) Scale in pipes and water heaters; cause "soap curd" on fixtures, tile, dishes & laundry; low sudsing characteristics.  Removal by Ion exchange softener.
IRON/MANGANESE Causes discolored water; red, brown, orange or black stains on fixtures, appliances and laundry; dark scal in pipes and water heaters. Low level (2ppm) removal by ion exchange softener when hardness is also present; best removed by oxidizing iron filter, aeration and/or chlorination followed by filtration in some cases.
IRON/MANGANESE/ SULFER BACTERIA Same general effects  as above, plus slimy deposits that form in pumps, pipes, softeners and toilet tanks. Low level removal possible by oxidizing iron filter, best removed by chlorination followed by filtration.
HYDROGEN SULFIDE GAS Foul rotten-egg odor, corrosion to plumbing; tarnishes silver and stains fixtures and laundry; ruins the taste of foods and beverages. Best removed by aeration, scrubbing & filtration; also removed by oxidizing filters or chlorination followed by filtration.
TURBIDITY Suspended matter in water; examples include mud, clag, silt and sand; can ruin seats, seals and moving parts in appliances. Removal by backwashing sediment filters; extra fine treatment utilizing sediment cartridge elements.
ACID WATER (low pH) Corrosive water attacks piping and other metals, red and/or green staining of fixtures and laundry. Best corrected by neutralizing filters or soda ash feeding.
TASTE/ODOR/COLOR (organic matter) Makes water unpalatable; can cause staining. Depending on the nature of contaminant, aeration followed by filtration; carbon filtration chlorination followed by filtration.
TANNINS/HUMIC ACID Can impart an "iced tea" color water; causes light staining, can affect taste of foods & beverages. Removal by special Ion exchange or oxidizing agents & filtration.
COLIFORM BACTERIA Can cause serious desease & intestinal disorders. Chlorination & filtration is most widely practiced; iodination, ozonation & ultraviolet treatment are used to a lesser degree.
ORGANIC HALIDES (e.g. Herbicides & Pesticides) Can cause serious desease and/or poisoning. Most are readily removed by absorption with carbon filters; some can be removed by hydrolysis & oxidation.
NITRATES/CHLORIDES & SULFATES Can cause health-related problems if quantities are high. Removal +A1:C12by special ion exchange, deionization process or reverse osmosis.



Rotten Egg Smell




Earthy, Fishy Taste or Smell




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