NE Distribution Center

Northeastern Supply operates a hub and spoke network out of its Central Distribution Center (CDC) in Aberdeen, MD. The integrated logistics system is designed to maximize efficiencies by providing the right product at the right time to each of our 35 branch locations throughout the Mid Atlantic.  This competitive advantage allows us to better manage warehouse and transportation costs, in turn offering the most competitive pricing and services to our customers. Steve Cook, Chief Executive Officer, says “Our success and longevity with being in business for over 75 years is a direct result of our ability to best service our customer with convenient same day pickup and next day delivery.”

In the end it comes down to investing in our future to best meet our customers’ needs and to make sure we are doing all we can to make Northeastern Supply our customers’ preferred supplier.

central distribution center benefits



State-of-the-art technology to help streamline our process ensuring our customers receive the correct products in a timely fashion.


  • The CDC contains approximately 175,000 square feet (space for over 3 football fields), with storage shelving more than 30 feet high.
  • Over two miles of conveyer belts with a barcoding system, automatically directing shipments to our fleet trucks for daily deliveries to the branches.


With the world market continuously changing, Northeastern Supply is constantly monitoring various sourcing locations and by having a flexible and cost-effective distribution network we can best control the flow of products to each branch to best meet our customer’s needs.


  • 220 fluorescent light fixtures with infrared motion detection. The ficture goes off in 10 minutes of no activity, and comes on when you come within 25 feet of the fixture.
  • Equipment throughout the CDC is all electric - No internal combustion engines - therefore, no carbon emissions are released into the air.
  • AC motors and regenerative braking and lowering systems - equates to less energy consumption.
  • PICKING EFFICIENCY - Increased pick module - placing 60% of our fastest moving products at our fingertips to get them to you, our customers, at a faster rate!