Torch For Map/Pro/Propane Fuel Gas Equipment 7200 BTU/HR, Torch, Regulated, Self-Lighting, Inverted Operation

589834 MFG #: MT-555-C
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  • Item: Torch, Regulated, Self-Lighting, Inverted Operation
  • Used On: MAP/Pro/Propane Fuel Gas Equipment
  • Additional Information: Capacity 7200 BTU/Hour; Flame Temperature 2100 Deg F; Includes Swirl Flame, Brass 360 Degree Swivel Tip, Stainless Steel Burner Tube; Application Solder, Soft Solder, Thawing Pipe, Loosen Rusty Bolt, Braze Copper Pipe, Harden Steel; Packaging Type Carded
The MT 555 is a self-lighting MAP//Pro™ or propane torch has a 360 degree swivel that allows for versatility and ease of operation. The brass regulator valve allows for consistent flame at any angle of operation. The adjustable flame knob allows for flame control and fuel economy. This torch can be used to perform larger jobs or accomplish smaller jobs quicker. The MT 555 can solder up to 2" of copper tubing.