12", Uvc T3, Germicidal Lamp For Progressivemedia Air Cleaner

1434327 MFG #: AS-IH-1001
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  • Item: Germicidal Lamp
  • Type: UVC T3
  • Designated Size: 12 Inch
  • Used On Item: Air Cleaner
  • Used On Model/Brand: ProgressiveMedia
Ultravation® maximizes germicidal performance, safety and economy! Our patented T3™ (Thermal Transfer Technology) UV optimized lamps are specially designed to deliver the highest possible level of germicidal UV by protecting the lamp in a quartz glass sleeve. Residential UVC lamps should be replaced every 9,000 hours or approximately every 12 months. For people with respiratory conditions or other acute sensitivities, we strongly recommend keeping to an annual lamp replacement schedule. However, if your UVC lamp is strictly used for keeping coils clean on your HVAC unit, you can save money and the environment when you use your lamps for their maximum 18,000 hour life span.