4" Cast Iron and Plastic Flexible Coupling

1603612 MFG #: 1056-44RC
  • Size: 4" x 4"
  • Fitting Type: Coupling
  • Material: 300 Stainless Steel (Clamp), Elastomeric PVC (Body)
  • Specifications
  • Description
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  • Type: Flexible, Strong Back, Cast Iron/Plastic/Copper/Steel/Lead to Cast Iron/Plastic/Copper/Steel/Lead, Straight
  • Size A: 4 Inch
  • Size B: 4 Inch
  • Material: Elastomeric PVC (Body), 300 Stainless Steel (Clamp)
  • Material Specification: ASTM D5926/C1173
  • Pressure Rating: 4.3 PSI (Test)
  • Temperature Rating: -30 to 140 Deg F
  • Application: Underground Piping System
  • Applicable Standard: CSA B602, UPC, ICC-ES-PMG (Canada)
  • Additional Information: Torque Rating 60 Inch-Pound; Includes 0.012 Inch Thickness 300 Stainless Steel Shear Ring
Fernco makes the most complete line of couplings in the industry, from sizes 3/4" and larger. Custom large diameter couplings are available, along with shielded transitional couplings to ensure all pipes, underground and above-ground, can be connected with a Fernco coupling. Because Fernco couplings have earned a reputation for superior performance, you can have full conFidence in their quality and reliability.