PVC and Polyethylene Pipe Supply Disruptions

Hurricane Harvey has caused many manufacturers of resin and other raw material used in producing PVC and polyethylene pipe to be shut down. Flooding in buildings, availability of employees, power outages and the lack of shipping options are among the issues causing these problems. As a result, we have received significant price increases and lowered availability of products. Hopefully these disruptions will end in the coming days and weeks.

Northeastern Supply will be passing on these price increases to our customers as we get them and as current inventory is depleted. We will do our best to get products to our loyal customers while managing our inventory as this situation unfolds. As recovery from Hurricane Harvey continues, we will have a clearer view of the timetable for getting back to normal. We will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience as we work through this situation.

Let's keep the people of Southeast Texas in our thoughts and prayers as they cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.